Practice Info

Where it is Held:

Group lessons are currently held in-person at Irving Recreation Center, Tuesdays from 5-6pm.


Attendance is required at all practices to be successful. Please notify the coach at least 24 hours before cancellation or the lesson fee will still be applied. Three missed classes without rescheduling beforehand or notification of absence will result in a review of continued membership. Tuition will be billed until an official resignation is received.

Practice Dates and Times:

Private lessons are scheduled to the availability of the coach and may vary. They are usually done either weekly, twice weekly, or monthly. The Pride of Oklahoma practices from 4:30-6:30 PM during the fall, so please be aware that this may push lessons to a later time in the day.

Please note all classes are subject to change due to the variations in my college schedule. Dates may also be adjusted for holidays and exams. We will follow the Norman school district schedule. Be sure to bring a friend!

What Will be Taught:

Basic baton, dance, and tumbling skills will be taught based on individual ability.


What to Wear:

Students should be wearing athletic style clothing. Tank tops, leggings, shorts, leotards and tights, and any other clothing that is flexible is acceptable! Tennis Shoes and/or tan jazz shoes should be worn to each practice. Please no jeans or open toed shoes!



These will be closed practices, meaning that the parents should not stay and watch their children (they can be in the building, just not in the same room). This allows the student to feel more comfortable trying new things, so that they do not feel embarrassed or get distracted.

The student should try their best to pay attention and be open to attempt the skills learned in class!


At the end of class, the student may be given either a sticker, or a piece of candy for their hard work. Please speak to the coach if there are any concerns with this procedure.